The Basque Country is the country of Nives

but also and above all a well-typed region: Basque Country. Euskara is spoken in seven provinces, three of which are part of the French territory: Labourd, Lower Navarre and Soule.<br/>Left bank tributary Adour, Nive through the first two in a green and hilly terrain .<br/><br/>Great Nive born in Saint Jean Pied de Port to the “Pool of the three waters” the confluence of Nives Valcarlos, Estérençuby and Laurhibar. Nive Aldudes augments its flow 10 km downstream Osses, Saint Martin Arrossa making it playable all year rafting.

Water level on the Nive Osses

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Of rain-snow type, temperature of the water is never very cold because the ocean is only 35 kilometers as the crow flies. Navigation is of medium difficulty (class II passage 3), since most of his course is a succession of rapids and calm part, ideal for learning smooth kayak or a raft descent more accessible. In effect since 1991 inception of the first whitewater base in the Basque country “Ur Bizia” Bidarray, new disciplines have emerged on the Nive, making his descent less elitist course, rafting, hydro, mini raft and inflatable kayak canoe are part of these. Today’s frequentation of the Nive in enplaned is the largest department, it has become a major economic and tourism activity.<br/><br/>River rapids are classified according to their technical difficulty, established during normal flow . This difficulty may vary depending on the flow of the river.