Rafting trip



Of all the activities available in the river,rafting is the most spectacular and, paradoxically, the safest, if we made ​​good use.
Given the exceptional nautical qualities of the boat, the collective nature of rodeo and the reassuring presence of a guide, it can be argued that rafting is accessible to almost everyone. terribly fun, the raft is used primarily as a boat sensations.

It is ideal for a first approach to the river, to see and understand how it works, discover the valley of the Nive and landscapes.

On a raft, each teammate equipped with paddle participates in the feat under the guidance of a helmsman. One buttock resting on the peripheral tube, one leg bent and the other stretched seeking a point of support that does not exist, we must at the same time propel the craft and attempt to keep his balance … precarious by definition. That is why it must be limited to white water rafting class 3 with 4 passages in its beginnings.


Inflatable boat unsinkable, generally self-bailing raft need not in fast, the water is evacuated automatically through holes located on the periphery of the inflatable floor.

Consists of several compartments and reinforced rubberized soft plastic inflated independently to increase safety, raft can accommodate, according to the model of 3 to 10 people.

Its length varies from 3.20 to 4.50 meters depending on the type of the river, its difficulty and river flow.

  • Equipment provided : helmet, buoyancy aid, full wetsuit, a simple paddle
  • You must provide : swimsuit and towel, pair of closed shoes, tie glasses if needed, sunscreen
  • Changing room and warm showers: provide soap and shampoo
  • Transport by bus : provided the base to boarding
  • Bar near the base : offering sandwiches and drinks
  • Private beach landing
  • Picnic Area : with tables and barbecues reserved exclusively for our customers