Riverboarding or hydrospeed to Bidarray on Nive in the Basque Country

In this sport of whitewater, it no longer found “on” but “in” the river, which changes everything !

It is felt from the inside, one confides her. The fear of falling into the water fades away, and because we are already immersed in it.
Is swimming the best one manages
to play down the first experience in the river.
We discovered that this brutal water cascading,
distracted, does not appear to that it wants to look so mean.
Ideal to feel the river, its
currents and understand how it all works.

The glide deep wave, the pleasures of surfing and descents river Class 2 with Class 3 passages in the early sequences !

Relatively physical, it is difficult to pick up speed, maneuver and looking away when one begins to.


The “trick” to swim in the river lies in a curious accessory float .

Commonly known as generic Riverboarding; manufactured foam, it has a full round shape and to the front, rear recess, and has recesses for the arms. Swimmer holds its float by inserting the central part of his arms. Its function is to allow the swimmer to stay inside to float, protect and especially navigate !

The float may have various forms, ranging from very stable flat bottom for the beginner, the profile
a kayak before. It weighs 4 to 5 kg .

  • Equipment provided : helmet, buoyancy aid, full wetsuit, neoprene boots, a pair of small fins like “bodyboarding”
  • You must provide: swimsuit and towel, tie glasses if needed, sunscreen
  • Changing room and hot showers : provide soap and shampoo
  • Transport by bus : assured the base to boarding
  • Bar near the base : offering sandwiches and drinks
  • Private beach landing
  • Picnic Area : with tables and barbecues reserved exclusively for our customers