Outdoor activity




Discover this traditional sport must all young Basque .
On a beautiful fronton of the Basque Country, and cultural center of village life. Introduce you to Basque pelota. Discover the different disciplines (bare hand, pala, chistera), while addressing the cultural and historical aspect

Provide :

  • sportswear, sports shoes, Session Length: 2:30
  • Protection against the sun, sunglasses, Minimum threshold: 8 people
  • sunscreen and hat + drink


Canyon playful reminder initiation watered with jumps and a wonderful toboggan .

Maximum number per guide : 8 persons

Location: Arneguy spanish border near St JeanPied de Port (8 km)

Transfer on the site provided by you. Anticipated supplement if no transport means

Provide :

  • Swimsuit and towel, Duration: about 2 hours with a group
  • sport shoes
  • Provide change of clothes for the return
  • glasses attachment if necessary



Total session time: 2:30
Location: Bidarray (64)
Transfer on the site provided by you. Anticipated supplement if no transport


Discover the pleasure of finally climbing tree.

Total session time: 2:30
Location : Bidarray (64) – Possibility of activity on our camping

Equipment required :

  • Sportswear,
  • sport shoes,
  • Windproof and rainwear,
  • or hat and sunscreen ,
  • small backpack + water bottle


Underground discovery in a spacious cavity for the exploration of environments such as caves, galleries … and the study of certain phenomena (limestone, erosion …). To observe this natural environment is called as appropriate for walking, climbing, sliding, handling ropes and carabiners … and acquire technical progress safely.

Session Length: about 2 hours into the cavity. Conditions: from 8 years
No cons to the practice of the activity Location: St Etienne de Baïgorry ou Estérençuby
Max number : 8 persons Accessible to everyone
Materials provided: wetsuits, helmets and lights

Provide :

  • Wear long sleeves and long legs to turn the combination warm preferably flexible and synthetic (avoid cotton),
  • a pair ofc sport shoes or boots,
  • Provide change of clothes for the return
  • Transfer to practice sites is not included in the delivery


MTB Downhill sport of Jarra (Arrossa )

Small group evaluation with braking exercises, positioning on MTB.
Age minimum : 12 year – Level : difficult – Distance : 7,5 km Session length: 2:30


MTB Downhill« Haize mendi » (Osses)
Start MTB at the top by a small road, a farm track mountainside facing Jarra, before moving on to the tracks back to the village of Osses. By small roads or go to confront the fort against the Baigura to reach the landing.
Age minimum : 10 year Level : medium – Distance : 7 km

Condition: No medical indication against the practice of these disciplines.
Provide :

  • Backpack for half a day, drink, sportswear,
  • sports shoes, windbreaker and raincoat.
  • Protection against the sun, sunglasses, sunscreen and hat.