Mini raft

Mini raft on Nive to Bidarray in the Basque Country




The same shape but smaller than the raft, 3 or 5 paddlers, water is faster, more hollow waves and you will drive yourself especially your boat under the watchful eye of your instructor.

The boat is a replica of the raft smaller. Dimensions, weight and number of team members are reduced. The inertia of the boat is also reduced and the stability is very safe. The big difference lies in the fact that the monitor is no longer embedded in the boat. The monitor is in another boat. It provides security, guide, and advise participants but no longer directly involved in navigation of boat.

For the paddler is the first self on the river in a very safe boat but without the need to have direct support of the monitor. On this boat paddler will apply reading the river previously learned to anticipate their trajectories. For all actions management is a team work more than individual .

  • Equipment provided : helmet, buoyancy aid, full wetsuit, a simple paddle
  • You must provide : swimsuit and towel, pair of closed shoes, tie glasses if needed, sunscreen
  • Changing room and hot showers : provide soap and shampoo
  • Transport by bus : provided the base to boarding
  • Bar near the base : offering sandwiches and drinks
  • Private beach landing
  • Picnic Area : with tables and barbecues reserved exclusively for our customers