Inflatable kayak

Inflatable kayak or Airyak to Bidarray on Nive in the Basque Country



This single kayak evolved to many prejudices in the middle of traditional kayak.

Far from beach toy, this boat has, thanks to its inflatable floor “Aerotec”, even quasi sliding qualities,

the same maneuverability that a conventional rigid kayak, not to mention the countless benefits of the concept of inflatable light weight for setting with water and carrying, vivid performance amortization

shocks, lift and exceptional stability. Bailer, it happens with some agility water as in the large volume … jump thresholds, surfing in the waves, nothing stops.

Side cockpit, 2 side straps allow precise control path, all other evolutions. Its open, without bridging, very safe configuration, eliminates difficulties to disengage

a closed structure. It is with canoraft the ideal boat for exploring new courses or

more distant destinations as was the case during our trip to Sri Lanka in 1996

  • Equipment provided : helmet, buoyancy aid, full wetsuit, a double paddle
  • You must provide : swimsuit and towel, pair of closed shoes, tie glasses if needed, sunscreen
  • Changing room and hot showers: provide soap and shampoo
  • Transport by bus : provided the base to boarding
  • Bar near the base : offering sandwiches and drinks
  • Private beach landing
  • Picnic Area : with tables and barbecues reserved exclusively for our customers