Inflatable canoe

Inflatable canoe or canoraft on Nive to Bidarray in the Basque Country



As the raft, canoe or inflatable canoraft is a bit fragile inflatable boat designed for adventure in total autonomy (maximum load 450 kg) or just a white water rafting.

There is wide (1.04 m), with a very low center of gravity on the water, it remains very stable and maneuvering (3.85 m long) even in extreme situations.

Ideal for beginners, practitioners will appreciate its qualities from the first strokes.
A self-bailing system ensures quick water drainage board during the passage of a fast and preserves the maneuverability.
On board, there is seated or kneeling, quiet and well cushioned. Rollover, it is ejected from the boat.


It is possible to get back on the boat without having to swim to shore.

Inflatable light very easy to carry (19 kg), it absorbs all the shocks and forgiving, great to see the wave and its effects on a boat.

After the raft technology, it is composed of several compartments inflated separately.


  • Equipment provided: helmet, buoyancy aid, full wetsuit, choice two paddles or single
  • You must bring: swimsuit and towel, pair of closed shoes, tie bezel if needed, sunscreen
  • Cloakroom and hot showers: provide soap and shampoo
  • Bus transportation: provided from the base to the boarding
  • Bar based on: offering sandwiches and drinks
  • Private beach landing
  • Picnic Area: with tables and barbecues reserved exclusively for our customers