Aqua trek

The Aquatic Trek or  Aqua Rando is a part of activities to be made in the Basque Country.

Equipped with a complete wetsuit, and with a helmet, the purpose is to go down this succession of ponds by swimming, by walking, by jumping.

Jump aquatic trek or aqua rando in the Basque Country near Saint Jean Pied de Port 

jump aqua trek funny rando aquajump aquarando
Not to confuse  with the canyoning which remains very technical (due to the manipulations of ropes), the aqua rando or aqua trek is much more playful and stays one of the best ways to discover the whitewater and to feel the element.

In this activity, you will follow the guide which will make for you a whole complete briefing in the beginning of course  and will give you advice throughout the progress of your aquatic trek

The aqua-hike also allows the participants to discover the environment of the whitewater in an exceptional environment and to be made sensitive in the safety on river